County Museum

The County Scout Museum and the Archive Cabin are situated at the County HQ within Well End Campsite and the Museum is a great place for Scouts of any age (except Beaver Scouts) to spend some time as part of a day or Nights Away visit.

The visit can be used in projects for appropriate badge work for Cub Scouts and Scouts and as a history or heritage project for Explorer Scouts or The Scout Network. Groups and District Fellowships will also find the Museum contents of great interest and ideal for an “evening out”.

If you are interested in a guided tour either at a weekend, or on a weeknight, please give me good notice of your planned visit.

By the way, the Museum is not open to casual callers.

The Museum was opened on 14 July 1957 and is named after a very famous Hertfordshire Scout F. Haydn Dimmock (1895-1955) who lived in Welwyn Garden City. He was best known as Editor of the national weekly magazine The Scout. This was in publication 1908 – 1966 and holds the record as the longest running weekly magazine for boys in the world, never missing a printing for 58 years. Most of the 3016 copies are held in the Archive Cabin. If you would like to learn more about this remarkable man who at his death was considered world wide as “The exemplar of them all”, refer to my book, Milestones of 100 years of Hertfordshire Scouting.

The Museum is continually being updated with new and extended displays and a quiz paper is available, designed to help young people understand the important and unique history of Hertfordshire as the first Scout County to be formed in the UK.

Archive material is constantly arriving from all sources and more frequently, Groups are asking me to take into safe keeping their Group archive material. Access to this material would remain available for reference purposes.

The Scout Museum is not open to casual callers when the Archivist is not on site.

For more details, contact Frank Brittain, County Archivist
01727 860086 / 07850 818600

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