The Cornwell Award and Hertfordshire Scouting

Hertfordshire has had Seven Cornwell Scout Badge Awards between 1943 and 1988. There have also been Seven Cornwell Scout Certificates, a lower grade (now discontinued). These were awarded between 1963 and 1978. Every young persons case was different but typically, a recipient would be aged about 11, and will have encountered or already joined Scouting with some crippling disease. This would have meant enduring hospitalisation over several years. There would have been some respite recovery and all this time the Scout would have carried on with badge work keeping in touch with his peers and Leaders with a cheery smile and generally being an example for all other young Scouts to follow. The old eighth Scout Law – “A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties”. List of Hertfordshire Cornwell Badge Award or Certificate holders in date order.

Badge 1943 Boy Scout Alan Kerrs 2 St Albans Troop
Badge 1945 Wolf Cub Geoffrey Berry 1 St Albans Pack
Badge 1947 Boy Scout Graham Carson 1 Broxbourne Scout Troop
Cert. 1950 Wolf Cub N.Hignett 5 Berkhamsted Pack (Thomas Coram School)
Cert. 1952 Boy Scout A.Carter 2 Ware Scout Troop
Cert. 1963 Wolf Cub D.C.Hunt 1 Park Street Pack
Badge 1964 Senior Scout Barry Nelson 1 Bennetts End Troop
Cert. 1964 P.L. David Grossman 9 Potters Bar Troop (Lochinver House School)
Cert. 1967 Scout C.J. Oldman 5 Potters Bar Troop (King Charles the Martyr)
Badge 1970 P.L. Nicholas Byrne 4 Potters Bar Troop
Cert. 1972 Cub Scout C.Lowe 1 Batchworth Pack
Cert. 1978 Sixer Claus Donald 1 Wormley Pack
Badge 1985 Cub Scout Steven Woolf 1 Buntingford Pack
Badge 1988 Scout Michael Wilshire 1 Hatfield Troop (Viscount Cranborne`s Own)

I believe the only survivor is Steven Woolf, now living in London.

Records of Cornwell Scout Awards and the citations of the Badge holders only, are held in a special folder within the County Scout Museum at Well End Campsite.

Citations of all Gallantry Awards (the Cornwell Award is not for Gallantry but young people have to be very brave during their illness) are held in a separate folder. Please contact the County Archivist for a viewing and guided tour. If you are contemplating a nights-away event, and wish to visit then, please give good notice.

Jack CornwellJack was born in 1900 in Leyton, Essex. He went to school in Manor Park and had become a keen member of the Twenty-First East Ham Troop. His Scoutmaster J.F.Avery later wrote

Frank Brittain
County Archivist

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls