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Adult Training is modular and flexible, concentrating on learning rather than just attending courses. The scheme takes into account what you already know and can demonstrate.

Training can be carried out using a range of methods: one to one, courses, videos, workbooks and e-learning. Online training and support is available.

The Scout Association’s ‘Module Matrix’, which is a summary of their Adult Training Scheme, is available here.  Module Matrix_ Dec2017

Online Safety and Safeguarding training can be found here: Safety and Safeguarding

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    There are a total of 38 modules covering the skills required for all roles in Scouting. There are 19 modules for adults working in the sections with the remainder for managers and trainers There are a further two mandatory modules (in Safety and Safeguarding) to be completed at appointment review).

    On taking up your role, you will be allocated a Training Adviser. Together you decide which modules are appropriate to your role in Scouting. You then agree for which of these you can demonstrate an existing ability and how you are going to learn the others. This forms your Personal Learning Plan. When you have completed training on one of your required modules, you simply demonstrate that you are using your skills and then your Training Adviser will sign that module off (referred to as validation).


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