WSJ2019 – Unit 15

Psychedelic Squirrels

June 2018 – Meet the Psychedelic Squirrels… we’re #absolutelynuts! Our first meeting, in January, was held in a small cabin in a corner of Phasels Wood. We arrived and spent the first half hour getting to know each other. This was followed by some intense team building tasks, including interesting but cruel logic puzzles and wide games. We spent the afternoon trying to decide our Unit identity and what we wanted to do or learn over the next few sessions. It was a fun day; becoming  acquainted with one another and easing us in to the type of chaotic, tiring and unfailingly fun meetings that would (and will!) follow.

The next time we met was a month later, in Hitchin, for a sleepover. We began simple; board games and a fair amount of Just Dance and progressed to manhunt and capture the flag as it grew darker, moving on to an evening of climbing and midnight pancakes! I had the strange pleasure of watching someone burn a pan and yet still have a mostly raw pancake, as well as learning that some people carry around speakers for the sole purpose of pop music at midnight feasts. After we ran out of
ingredients, we even managed to squeeze in time for a movie and there was talk of 3am Pictionary.

The third and most recent time we met up was to go on our ‘Hike with a difference’. By this time, we were getting to know our leaders well enough to realise that a ‘difference’ was a cause for concern, so the news that we were ultimately putting on a fashion show that evening was not entirely unexpected. We split off into smaller teams to spend the day hiking to nearby phone boxes, where a phone rang every quarter hour, giving us a digit to unlock a safe. Our team managed to be the first to get to all the phones and back to the leaders, so we had the dubious pleasure of being the first to choose our theme for the fashion show. We then had a to shop for our outfits. Throughout all this, we had a photograph scavenger hunt which resulted in some entertaining pictures of groups squished into phone boxes, jumping, hugging trees or making superhero poses. Following dinner there was an impromptu disco as we washed up, then we all split off to prepare for the show. It
resulted in some pretty epic outfits, including dressing up as fish and chips and a tea chicken (questionable, but hilarious) and after that, a relaxing camp fire.
Sadly, we’ve only been able to meet up three times so far but there is plenty to look forward to. At our last meeting, Gumbee the psychedelic squirrel, made its way out of hibernation and into our Unit as the team mascot. There were also new faces at each meeting as not everyone can make it to all of them, so we’ve all had a fun time trying to learn names and faces of everyone! It’s been an amazing time so far, and it’s only going to get better (and crazier) from here.


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls