WSJ2019 – Unit 16


June 2018 – The theme of next year’s World Scout Jamboree is ‘Unlock a new world’, and Unit 16 ‘Wapiti’ has been doing just that! January saw us all get together for the first time, at the Gravity Force trampoline park. Besides bouncing and getting very energised, we did a number of activities to get to know one another, such as designing a Unit neckerchief and having our first flag break as a group.

We met again in February at Well End Activity Centre, where we worked together to choose a name for our Unit and to design a badge. We were presented with our Unit polo shirts, a bonding experience to say the least. We entered the meet as Unit 16 and came out as the World Scout Jamboree Unit ‘Wapiti’, a kind of deer, which we thought seemed very apt – not only is the stag the emblem of Hertfordshire, but this deer is native to North America too.

We have since been on our first, and very successful, Unit camp in March, at the Danemead Scout Camp. After teambuilding bivouacs to sleep under (a real Scouting experience) and a 3-hour hike whilst trying and failing, with many accidental videos, to figure out how to use a GoPro, we built a campfire. Songs were sung and needless to say, there were many traditional favourites, but some fairly colourful new ones too.

Up at 8.00am doing aerobics the next morning, as well as some Tai Chi, day two saw us working as teams to complete a multitude of challenges, such as a blindfolded laser maze, and the infamous ‘Magic Carpet’ game. After cooking breakfast, and packing up, we had a democratic vote to decide the name of our deer-shaped Unit mascot, which left us with newly invested ‘Hobnob the Wapiti’.


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls