WSJ2019 – Unit 17

Busby Bears – combined Unit with Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire Scouts & Anglia Guides

June 2018 – I’ll set the scene: Friday 23rd March, Hallowtree Scout Campsite – near Ipswich. 36 Explorers and Scouts, from all over the East of England, in a very dark field trying to assemble three 12-man tents. This was the way I was submerged into Unit 17 and Jamboree life!

After we put the tents up, we had a hot chocolate and met our patrol. We briefly introduced ourselves then went to bed. In the morning we made a great camp breakfast: eggy bread, bacon, sausages – the works! We still hadn’t really bonded until we were presented with a challenge. The Unit was asked to create an identity, the plan was to create a name, badge and a colour scheme to make our Unit unique.

We were given time to think about this as we went to some activities. I rock-climbed, shot an air rifle and faced my fear of crate stacking. The crate stacking was my favourite as it really put me out of my comfort zone, but I got a lasting reminder of the fun – after I received a cut from a flying crate (but don’t worry only my pride was really hurt).

After the activities our Unit had really bonded – especially after laughing about my injury – and we decided to start brainstorming ideas about our identity. At first, we struggled with names but after the session I had an idea. I sat with a girl named Ellie and we created not only the name ‘The Busby Bears’ but a new friendship. After lots of thinking we felt that our name really suited our Unit. So, we created a draft of a badge and presented it to our group. A democratic vote concluded that our group loved the idea and, we are no longer known just as Unit 17!

I feel that everyone in our Unit really joined as one over this new-found identity and we are all so excited to have the opportunity to go to North America. The build up to Jamboree can be daunting – especially with our fundraising targets, but our newly formed friendship as a Unit has, and will, really help us to cope with our new challenges.

I’m sure every member of the Busby Bears will agree with me that our Unit is an amazing and diverse group of individuals and none of us could hope for a different group of people to spend our time in America with.


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls