Hertfordshire Scouts have been proud to offer “Back to Basics” camping at Harmergreen Wood for many years and have been discussing with the land owners our desire to continue to offer this facility to young people.

Following extended negotiations, we are pleased to have been offered a new 15-year lease, albeit with 5 year break clauses, and our lawyers have now finalised the renewal.

During this process, structural and health and safety audits were conducted on all buildings on the site. These have revealed many issues that will require significant works and investment to meet current regulations for their continued safe use. In the circumstances we have prioritised works to ensure that we continue to offer toilet facilities, and taken the decision to close all other buildings in the compound until further notice. Behind the safety fencing we will continue with the work to tidy and redevelop where necessary, removing any items which are no longer needed.

With successful conclusion of the lease renewal process, we are proposing work to make sure we have facilities for all our sections, appropriate to the “back-to-basics” nature of the site. We are currently in discussions with a number of contractors to obtain quotes for the required structural works to the Stag Cottage, and once these have been received we will be in a position to share potential plans for the Centre.

Whilst works are undertaken and plans made, the site remains open and we welcome you to continue your outdoor programme activities as normal.  Temporary provision for cooking facilities and other requirements you may have can be arranged. Please contact the Site Management team at Well End for further details.

We hope you will continue to enjoy the backwoods facilities at Harmergreen Wood and we look forward to sharing our plans to take the Centre forward.

Mark Jefferson
Activity Centres Management Committee Chair

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