Relaunch of County Lottery

Date: 2nd Dec 2019 Author: Emma Ball

Dear Colleague,

Relaunch of County Lottery

I am writing to notify you of some important changes we have made to the County Donate and Volunteer functions on the County website,  The updates relate primarily to the County lottery, which makes a valuable contribution to the development of our activity centres as well as supporting individual Groups and Units.

Thanks to the support the lottery has received we have generated close to £80,000 of which £50,000 has been put towards improvements at our centres.  For example, Harmergreen Wood has recently been completely tidied and refreshed; Stag Cottage has been rebuilt and is now available for use again. Well End is currently being refurbished with new heating and a planned new roof for the JD.  Funds have also gone towards providing new wet room facilities at Tolmers.  More improvements are in the pipeline.  Individual Scout Groups and Units also benefit from the lottery through an annual share of the proceeds.  These payments have been up to £200 in some cases.

The changes we have made to the website now make it easier for individuals to subscribe and for local Groups and Units to benefit.

For full details, just go to: click on donate and follow the instructions to our lottery.  Sales codes are listed to enable Groups to share in the lottery proceeds. Redesigned leaflets and posters are also available to help promote the lottery.

If you would like some leaflets or more details for your Group and a poster, please e-mail or phone County Office on 0208 236 0040 and we will send you some.

If you have not visited the County website before you will also find lots of exciting news items and information about forthcoming events.

Good Luck!

Yours in Scouting,







Roger Sands, Vice President,

Appeal Director


PS Donations can also be made via the donate button on the website

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