County Cub Cyclo-cross RESULTS!

The 2021 County Cub Cyclo-cross was our first face to face event for two years and everyone was very excited about getting out and about on one of our County Camp Sites - Well End Activity Centre. The Cubs took part in three events - a team race through the woodland, an individual agility event and an individual time trial. Great fun was had by all and everyone tried their best.

Winners of Cyclo-cross - 1st Little Gaddesden

Runner up of Cyclo-cross - 1st Baldock A

Agility Winner - Jacob 1st Orwell

Agility Runner Up – Sam 1st Ricky B

Speed Circuit Winner – Jacob 1st Orwell

Speed Circuit runner up – Sam 1st Ricky B

Congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to even more excitement in 2022.