Supporting the resumption of face-to-face Scouting – Hertfordshire Activity Centres

With the latest guidance from the NYA and Scout Association being published, I wanted to take the opportunity to outline how our centres can support you getting your group back to face to face Scouting.

Our aim is to offer as many opportunities as possible across the four centres, whilst meeting the NYA/Government guidance to keep you safe. Alongside the “roadmap to return”, we will be constantly reviewing what we can provide to enable you to deliver the experiences that our young people have been missing – at each step, as we increase our provision – we will keep you up to date and wherever possible give two weeks’ notice of changes.

Our first steps…

From Monday 29 March, we will be offering evening sessions at all four centres, with access to use the fields and woodlands. From the following Saturday, we will be offering morning and afternoon sessions at the weekend – and during the week over the Easter holidays.

Initially the total number of groups of 15 young people, plus leaders, on site for any session will be limited to allow for distancing and segregation of facilities. Even with these restrictions, we will be offering 135 sessions per week – opportunities for 2000+ young people to get outdoors.

In order that we can support you best, please book a minimum of 72 hours ahead and follow the guidance we send through with your enquiry. We will continue to use our “Customer Connect” system to support Track and Trace whilst it remains a requirement.

The County Support Centre is open to take bookings Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm. Please call us on 0208 236 0040 or email the Centre you wish to make a booking at using the information below. You can also submit a booking request through the websites.

Please do not book activities until the date for each step is confirmed.

Harmergreen Wood

Phasels Wood


Well End

We will not be charging Scout Groups for sessions during these first steps, in line with our commitment to free evening use for our groups. If you feel that you can, a contribution to our Covid Secure fund would be welcome, details of this can be found on our website and will be circulated with booking information.

What comes next?

We are as keen as you to offer more activities and expand the number of opportunities, and we will continually review our offering. As soon as is practicably possible, we will develop safe operating procedures for our self-led activities and make these available. These are likely to roll out from 12 April.

As restrictions ease, we hope to offer a day camp package – making the most of the days as they get longer and as a step back towards the full camping experience. We hope to offer further information on this as guidance becomes available. Please wait for confirmation of the next step in the easing of restrictions before booking and making firm commitments to members.

The emphasis for at least the next six months will be on supporting groups in their return – rather than larger events and residentials. If you have any other ideas how our centres might help you with this, please just drop me an e-mail.

Mark Jefferson

Activity Centres Management Committee Chair