Visits Abroad

Hertfordshire Scouts has, for many years, been a very active County in respect of International Scouting, with trips throughout Europe and the rest of the rest of the World being well attended.

However, in the present situation with the Coronavirus on the rise again, I would advise against spending money on deposits for expeditions in 2021 because at this time it is impossible to obtain insurance with full Coronavirus cover included in the policy. Whilst there are many companies claiming to include full Coronavirus cover in their policies, we are seeing that it is only cover against cancellation and not cover for a participant or leader who falls ill during a trip and the huge costs involved in isolation, treatment and repatriation let along the isolation and quarantine costs of the entire party.

As we move through the summer many leaders usually contact me for the first set of information about going abroad, and often they have paid deposits already. None of us has a crystal ball and while we may be lucky and have a cure or a vaccine by next summer or it may have even died out, it seems unlikely that COVID 19 will have gone away to the extent we’ll be in GREEN status such that residential experiences can restart.  However, this should not stop you investigating the art of the possible and looking at what you might do once we are in a position to do so provided the obligations laid out by TSA are adhered to.

I am aware of several large and very ambitious expeditions that are planned for 2021, and they are all able to go ahead because they purchased their insurance with full Coronavirus cover included and the underwriters have to honour the terms of those policies.

However, regrettably it is not possible for you to go abroad in 2021 unless you have a policy in place that includes Coronavirus cover against cancellation and treatment and repatriation AND we are at GREEN status according to The Scout Association.

I am aware that this is incredibly disappointing, many of us thrive with international expeditions and trips, but Hertfordshire Scouts cannot take the risk of having someone fall ill whilst abroad who is not insured nor being involved in an event which is not permitted under our own Association rules.

Looking ahead, what I would say to everyone is start planning, things may change, but please do not start spending because it is unlikely that you will be going and if you have to cancel you will not be able to recover your money unless you have insurance.

As always, I am willing to assist, advise and support anyone in the County wanting to plan a visit abroad, so please do contact me if there is anything that I may be able to help with.

Thank you for your support

Peter Makewell

Assistant County Commissioner International


World Scout Jamboree, South Korea 2023

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UK Contingent Leader

I am very pleased to finally be able to offer some positive words at this strange time and talk to you about an event that is being organised with the Coronavirus at the centre of all its planning and decision making. Although it may seem a long way off, work is now beginning on the next World Scout Jamboree in South Korea in 2023 and it is only 908 days until the opening ceremony!

The process begins with the selection of a UK Contingent Leader and applications for that role are now open. If there are any Hertfordshire Leaders who would like to apply for the role, you would need to be sure that you can manage the level of commitment required, as the successful applicant would shape the whole ethos of the UK Contingent as well as being responsible for the management of the entire Contingent experience.

The post will last until at least 6 months after the main event, and it is a volunteer role, and the previous UK Contingent Leader spoke only recently about the incredibly high level of commitment needed to fulfil the requirements of the post. To apply please follow the link below, but please do not apply unless you are sure it is for you, the closing date for applications is 1pm Monday 17 August 2020.

Other Roles

The second set of roles that are being advertised are the CMT (Contingent Management Team) and the CST (Contingent Support Team) and there are a number of Hertfordshire Leaders who are regular participants in those teams.

The roles are again voluntary and require a high level of commitment as well as a “Make it happen” attitude and a happy disposition. If you would like to register your interest in being a member of either teams then please do so using the link below.

You can also use the link below to register your interest in being a member of the IST (International Service Team) who staff and run the Jamboree as adult volunteers. They pay to attend and work for the duration of the Jamboree in one of the many roles that are available.

Finally, the other roles that HQ will select are the JPT (Jamboree Planning Team) who work along very similar lines to the IST helping the organisers to plan the event.


End of 2020 appointment of UK Contingent Leader

Start of 2021 selection of CMT and CST

Spring 2021 allocation of Units to Counties

Summer 2021 Selection of Unit Leaders by Counties

Autumn 2021 First Leader briefing meetings

Autumn and Winter 2021 Districts to select participants based on the County allocation of places

Spring 2022 Recruitment of all IST

Throughout 2022 Briefing events for Leaders and IST

Spring 2023 All Adults Weekend briefing

Summer 2023 1st to 12th August Jamboree takes place (pre and post event options and travel may extend this period)


The theme of this Jamboree is draw your dream.


The event site is at Saemanguem in South Korea

The whole site is 10 square Kilometres.

UK Contingent

The UK Contingent will comprise somewhere between 75 and 100 Units, which is 4000 Leaders and participants.

There will also be the:

CMT 15-20 members

CST 30-40 members

IST 500 members


Please do register your interest in any of these roles sooner rather than later, you can always decide to withdraw later, but if you do not register you will not be going.

I am so pleased to be able to write about something positive at this time, and I look forward to supporting our Hertfordshire Units and Leaders on their journey to the Jamboree.