Peak Assault Staff

Peak Assault can only happen when it is supported by a team of over 100 staff. There can be a role for everyone, some of these are listed below, however if you would like to help, yet cannot see where you might fit in, please contact us at

To register as a staff member for Peak Assault please register here. Please also complete a Health Form. The cost of Peak Assault for all staff members is £34. Please register by 7th September.

  • Course Setting Team – First to beat down the grass on the course, find hidey holes for the checkpoints, identify barbed wire “booby traps”, they are the eyes, ears and feet on the course during setup week. Frequently found knee deep in puddles, upset because everyone else has cake. Fuelled by cheese. Previously known as the advanced party, but questions were raised as to how advanced they actually are.
  • Hill Marshals – Responsible for the welfare, tracking and management of the teams out on the hill during the competition. Partial to cake.
  • Field Response Team – Ready to respond to any situation on the hill, medical or otherwise. While quiet can usually be seen scoffing a bacon sarnie, or acting as extra Hill Marshals.
  • Catering Team – Ensuring all the staff, and some of the competitors (see catering options for 2018) are fully fuelled and ready to rumble at all times. Like to test all their offerings in detail
  • Base Camp Team – Responsible for the smooth running of the main camp site, welfare of competitors, supporters and staff. Often found elbows deep in fresh toilet rolls. Can be seen napping around 11am on Saturday, but always appear when the cake and tea are ready.
  • Overnight Site Team – Creates the most welcoming sight to Explorer teams after a day on the hill, ensures a comfy camp site, a haven of safety, and almost always some cake. Usually spotted finding a new challenge for their Land Rover, but always ready to receive tired legged competitors.
  • Infrastructure Team – Electricians, marquee men, plumbers, gas men, shovelers, water movers, heavy lifters, problem solvers. Will generally forego cake to ensure everything is fixed and in tip top working order. Will always make up for missing cake by being first in the queue for seconds at dinner.
  • Communications and Technology Team – If your first name is Roger, your surname is Over, or you are blessed with both, you are going to be mighty confused. Not that it will stop you from being part of our very own Peak Assault Information Superhighway. Computers, Wireless Networks, Amateur Radio’s, PMR Radio’s, the odd moon bounce and quite often pens, paper and shouting. It’s all go in the tech team. Fuelled by Tea and Cake as opposed to the traditional volts, amps and gigawatts.
  • Transport Team – Maths and logic isn’t their strong point which seems strange when you have 700 people, 12 coaches, 70 cars, 2 lorries, 3 vans, a narrow lane and 2 parking spaces to work with. Can often be found driving (some of us mad). Also has been made the custodian of cake, not our finest idea.
  • Medical Team – Doctors, Paramedics, First Aid Extraordinaires.  Ensures everyone is fit and healthy to go on to the hill, responds when people become less fit and healthy while at Peak Assault. Reserves the right to pass judgement on whether symptoms are caused by a sudden onset of a rare condition known as “Hillitis” or over-indulgence in cake. Partial to cake, warm vehicles and Hi Viz clothing.
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls