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Doug Stack

Ian Grahame

Hertfordshire Scouts County Team


Call the County Office on 0208 236 0040.

Phone Support Available Monday-Wednesday 9am-12pm. Drop us an email outside of these hours.

We are one team and we are #TeamHertfordshire


Liz Walker

County Commissioner

Contact Liz

As CC it is my role to manage and support Herts Scouts to ensure we provide great quality Scouting for our amazing young people and wonderful volunteers.


Dan Nathan

Deputy County Commissioner

As DCC my primary role is overseeing communications and activities within the County.


Richard Haynes

Deputy County Commissioner - Programme

As DCC Programme I am responsible for leading a team to deliver a programme of events and support the County with particular emphasis on youth shaped Scouting.

Contact Richard

Claire Stevens

County Secretary


Ian Tycer

Deputy County Commissioner - People

As DCC People I am responsible for leading a team to deliver and support the County with particular emphasis on learning support activities and development opportunities for our adult volunteers


Frank Monnington

County Treasurer

As County Treasurer it is my responsibility to over the financial strategy and to keep an eye on all the money. I am also a member of the executive committee.


Mike Shurety

County Chairman

As County Chairman it is my responsibility to make sure the correct measures and checks are in place so that as a County we can deliver scouting to our Young People.


Claire Stevens

County Secretary

As County Secretary I am responsible for governance within the Hertfordshire Scouts.

District Commissioners

The County is split into 18 Districts. Each of these has a DC that is in charge of looking after it.

Activity Centres and County Support Functions

Meet the Team that operates our Centres and County Support.

County Team

Our County are here to help our Volunteers and young people.

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